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In Wake of Trenton Water Works Issues, Greenstein, DeAngelo & Benson Request Joint Meeting With

Senator Linda R. Greenstein, Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo and Assemblyman Daniel R. Benston (all D-Middlesex and Mercer) today sent a letter to Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner-designate Catherine McCabe and Board of Public Utilities President Joseph Fiordaliso requesting a meeting to discuss the water problems at Trenton Water Works and to seek solutions to the "ongoing, growing problems to ensure the health and safety of our constituents." "We are committed to protecting the public safety and health of our District's residents. It is simply unacceptable for water quality and infrastructure to be failing the public so greatly and frequently," the legislators wrote. "...we believe we must come together to create long-term solutions to avoid harmful water hazards going forward." The lawmakers requested the joint meeting include DEP, BPU, local community representatives and management of Trenton Water Works.

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