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DeAngelo Urges USPS to Create Independent Zip Code for Growing Robbinsville Township

Assemblyman Cites Community Identity, Residential Impact, and Commercial Growth As Reasons for Individual Zip Code

(ROBBINSVILLE) – Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Hamilton) today filed an official letter requesting that the United State Postal Service (USPS) undertake the process to create a unique new zip code for Robbinsville, Mercer County. Currently, Robbinsville and three other municipalities – Trenton, Upper Freehold and Hamilton – share the 08691 zip code.

The assemblyman cited key factors in the need for an independent zip code including community identity, residential impact, commercial growth, and traveler confusion; but noted no need for a new post office to create a zip code.

“Robbinsville Township has established itself as a growing, dynamic community located almost exactly in the geographic center of New Jersey. It has developed its own identity as a prime town for new businesses and families alike. Now, it’s time for Robbinsville to have its own zip code to cement its individuality and identity in five clear numbers,” DeAngelo wrote in the letter.

During the last decade, Robbinsville Township population has increased 33 percent to 13,642 according the 2010 U.S. Census data. In 2007, the residents voted to officially change the municipality’s name to Robbinsville from Washington Township given the confusion of five other New Jersey municipalities that carried the same name.

DeAngelo noted key differences between the four municipalities that share the 08691 zip code

“As you know, Trenton is an urban center that serves as our state’s capital and as such is significantly different than Robbinsville economically, commercially and residentially. Hamilton Township is a large, sprawling municipality of almost 100,000 residents that consists of several small enclaves of which only a small portion uses the 08691 zip code. Finally, Upper Freehold is a very rural community that makes up a large portion of land with a small population. While all of these towns collectively represent the celebrated diversity of New Jersey, they do not share in many of the attributes and uniquely identifiable traits of Robbinsville.

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