Winter 2022

An update on Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo’s Work in the New Jersey State Legislature

This January marks the beginning of a new legislative session. It is a fresh opportunity for change, with new legislators who have new goals and ideas. I am excited to be working with all of my new colleagues these next two years as we come together to positively impact New Jersey. 


Taking a look back to last session, I was able to get a lot of bills passed that I am very proud of. One of the highlights is A-259 which provides civil service preference to military service members who did not serve in a theater of operation but received a campaign or expedition medal. That law will go a long way to help returning veterans find work while they readjust to civilian life. 


Another law that I am especially proud of was bill A-6108 which updates New Jersey’s licensing requirements for electrical workers, creating classes of licensure for the different levels of the profession. It also allows for professionals licensed in other states to obtain temporary licenses to work in New Jersey. This bill will ensure that electrical workers in the state are fully qualified for the work they are hired to complete. 


There was also A-5160 which established minimum energy and water efficiency standards for certain products sold, offered for sale, or leased in the State. The goal of that law is to help move forward the State’s energy efficiency through some of the most common energy draining devices - household appliances. By ensuring that every household uses energy efficient appliances, we will reduce energy consumption as well as lowering home electric bills. 


While looking to the past can help show the important work that we’ve done as a State, it is equally important to keep moving forward. In this new session, there will be a new Senate President, Senator Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden), whose first promise was to work on affordability in New Jersey - after stating that people need to be able to live and work in the state. I am looking forward to working with him to keep improving New Jersey and I know that he will continue to uphold the values and traditions of the many Senate Presidents that came before him. 


While I am sad to see Senate President Sweeney leave, I know that there is a lot he was able to accomplish in his time in the legislature, many of his bills I also sponsored in the Assembly, and I know that he will continue to fight for the people of this state. He is a fellow union brother who has worked hard to advocate for the livelihood of many New Jersians as well as for the rights of people with disabilities. 


This time of transition is also when important ideas get reintroduced and given new life. Bills that were not able to become law last session have a new chance to be improved and signed. I have priorities from last year that I plan to reintroduce that will help improve the lives of all New Jersians. 


This session I will continue to fight for the rights of laborers, active duty servicemembers, veterans, and our aging population as we continue to move through this post-COVID world. That is why I reintroduced several bills into this new session that will help alleviate issues going on in these communities. My bill A-1780 exempts disabled veterans and Purple Heart recipients from payment of municipal parking meter fees when their vehicle bears the veteran’s or recipient’s special license plate or placard issued by MVC. 


It is also one of my top priorities to progress the State towards its energy efficiency goals. That is why I am bringing back my bill to establish green infrastructure financing, A1781. The goal of the bill is to provide low-cost financing to make green infrastructure equipment and installations accessible and affordable for electric and gas customers. These equipment and installations encompass ways to deploy clean energy technology that will reduce energy use and improve efficiency. 


I have been given the opportunity and responsibility to continue my work as the Chair of the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities committee as well as Vice-Chair of the Military and Veterans Affairs committee. I will also continue to be a member of the Appropriations committee, serving under the new Chair Assemblywoman Lisa Swain. I was also appointed to  a special commission, the Council on Armed Forces and Veterans’ Affairs. 


It is a remarkable experience serving on these committees, I see it as an opportunity to give voice to my constituents regarding legislation that really makes a difference. I am especially grateful to continue my tenure as Chair of ATU. I have been able to help work with New Jersey’s utilities to improve infrastructure, expand internet access, and fund programs to help people afford their bills. 


Editor’s Note:  Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-Hamilton) represents the 14th Legislative District which includes parts of Mercer and Middlesex counties.  He can be reached at;  phone (609) 631-7501;; Facebook: Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo; or Twitter: @DeAngeloLD14