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CongratulatesColleague Assemblyman Chivukula on Appointment to BPU

(TRENTON) – AssemblymanWayne P. DeAngelo (D-Mercer), vice-chairman of the Assembly Telecommunicationsand Utilities Committee, today congratulated Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula;Rick Mroz and Joseph Fiordaliso upon their nominations to the state Board ofPublic Utilities (BPU).

“These three gentlemen provide a vast arrayof experience in professional and public service that will offer a balance anddepth of knowledge to the Board of Public Utilities. As we saw during and after Superstorm Sandy, it is criticalthat our state’s telecommunications and utility services are able to withstandany test that they may face. Thesecommissioners also will need to continue to move our state forward in cleanenergy at reasonable rates for consumers.

“I particularly wish to congratulate mycolleague, Chairman Upendra Chivukula, upon his appointment to the Board. Since joining the State Legislature, I havehad the honor of servicing along side of him as vice-chairman of the AssemblyTelecommunications and Utilities Committee. I have seen first-hand his deliberative and thoughtful investigation ofthe issues affecting the delivery of utility services in our state. His professional experience and vast effortsin the State Legislature will undoubtedly benefit the BPU and the consumers inour state.”

Origianlly posted by the NJ Assembly Democrats.

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