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(TRENTON) – To promote workforce diversity in public works projects, Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-Mercer, Middlesex), Joseph Egan (D-Middlesex, Somerset), and Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) sponsor legislation passed by the full Assembly on Thursday 60-10-3, to provide outreach and training programs for minority group members, members of disadvantaged communities, and women. The measure was previously approved by the Senate 31-4.

The bill (A-5378) would promote workforce diversity in public works projects by permitting any public entity which includes a project labor agreement (PLA) to provide on-the-job and off-the-job programs to facilitate the hiring, training, and employment of disadvantaged and minority groups and women. Additionally, the measure would expand beyond building-based public works projects and include highway, bridge pumping station, water, and sewage treatment plant projects.

Upon Assembly approval of the bill, DeAngelo, Egan, and Johnson issued the following joint statement:

Workforce diversity is something in which New Jersey takes great pride. This bill will allow the State to give employment opportunities to those who may have previously been overlooked. It will allow public works projects to not only employ minority communities, disadvantaged communities and women, but will also further the training and education of the workforce to further facilitate high quality work.”


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