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DeAngelo on Trenton Water Works Woes: 'Unacceptable to Put the Public's Health at Risk'

(14th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) - Assembly Telecommunications & Utilities Committee Chairman Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Hamilton) on Tuesday expressed deep frustration regarding the ever-growing problems regarding the water quality and delivery. After the recent alerts to customers to boil water and conserve use, DeAngelo said that there must be rapid action put in place to fully focus on water quality failures. "It is simply unacceptable to put the public's health at risk. No one in New Jersey should worry about the quality of their water coming out of their faucets," said DeAngelo. "As the days continue to pass, Trenton Water Works customers are being faced with increasingly alarming alerts about contamination levels, boil water directives and conserving use. What they are not being told is how the problems will be fixed in the immediate future, and how permanent solutions will be put in place to prevent such public health risks in the future. " "Even though the disjointed oversight of public water systems such as Trenton Water Works makes it incredibly difficult, I am committed to working with the members of the Hamilton Township Council on a bi-partisan basis to fight for residents. After communicating with Council President Anthony Carabelli, Vice-President Jeff Martin and Council Members Rick Tighue, Ileana Schirmer and Ralph Mastrangelo, we are all working in the best interests of our community," added DeAngelo. "We need to peel back the curtain and take a closer look at the various forms of water services to ensure that all New Jerseyans, regardless of how their water is delivered, receive drinking, bathing and cooking with the same level of healthy water." DeAngelo represents the 14th Legislative District, which includes Hamilton Township which is partially serviced by Trenton Water Works.

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