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Requires State to include motion sensor lights in new and existing State buildings.


Sponsored by: Assemblyman WAYNE P. DEANGELO District 14 (Mercer and Middlesex), Assemblyman ROBERT J. KARABINCHAK District 18 (Middlesex), Assemblyman CLINTON CALABRESE District 36 (Bergen and Passaic)


This bill requires any building having at least 15,000 square feet in total floor area that is owned by the State for the sole use of a State governmental entity to install motion sensor lights within five years of the effective date of this bill. A “motion sensor light” is defined in the bill to mean a lighting system that is attached to a motion sensor and is activated when the sensor is triggered by movement. The bill also requires the motion sensor lights that are installed to have a manual on/off system.

The Division of Property Management and Construction in the Department of the Treasury and the New Jersey Building Authority would be responsible for enforcing the provisions of this bill. Additionally, all plans, specifications, and bid proposal documents for applicable buildings would have to identify the motion sensor lighting to be utilized by that building. Finally, the requirements of the bill are in addition to other statutory requirements for State buildings to be designed and managed to meet standards for a high performance green building.

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