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Trenton Water Works Update

Trenton Water Works is responsible for the water treatment and service of many constituents of the 14th District living in Hamilton. Due to this, we have taken the situation that has unfolded over the recent months surrounding the Legionella contamination in the water system very seriously.

The initial outbreak occurred in March of 2023, and Trenton Water Works has been working diligently to mitigate this problem ever since. As of May 2023, multiple operations are underway to ensure the safety of our local water supply.

  • From late April to late May, TWW will have conducted a Low Velocity Main Flushing Program, which has located the areas in the piping system where the outbreak occurred from. These areas will be permanently flushed and fully treated.

  • TWW temporarily increased the chlorine level in the water supply in April and May , neutralizing any Legionella circulating in the system.

  • The reservoir on Pennington Road is scheduled to be replaced with a new $100 Million water treatment center.

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