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Senior Freeze Program Update

The Senior Freeze is a program helps senior citizens in New Jersey receive property tax reimbursement. This program was introduced into the NJ State Treasury's Division of Taxation in 1998, and has gradually been expanded since. For this current year (FY23), citizens of New Jersey over the age of 65 and making less than $99,735 are eligible to apply to the program.

For the upcoming financial year (FY24), Governor Murphy has recently made a proposal to drastically increase the yearly income threshold for the program from $99,735 to $150,000. We believe that this proposal holds the potential to assist many seniors and future seniors within our district, and so we encourage citizens who are interested about this program to look into it and reach out to us if they would like a paper copy of the application. Electronic applications can be found here:

Assemblyman DeAngelo's Office: (609) 631-7501

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