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DeAngelo Bill Requiring MVC to Check Social Security Records and Mark Deceased Individuals in MVC Da

(TRENTON) – Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo mandating the chief administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) to compare the database records of the commission with the death records produced by the Social Security Administration and mark those deceased appropriately was advanced by the Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee on Thursday. “Every year, Americans have their identities stolen and fraudulently used by criminals to open credit card accounts, apply for loans and get a wide array of services,” said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). “This underhanded assault on unsuspecting victims leaves them and their families to grapple with a mountain of legal problems.” The Assemblyman introduced the bill following a 2014 report by the New Jersey State Auditor that uncovered the issuance of more than 6,000 licenses or identification documents for individuals who were deceased. This bill (A-2606) would increase oversight by the MVC which would conduct reviews of data from the Social Security Administration data on a monthly basis at a minimum. Under current law, the MVC receives data periodically from the Social Security Administration through the National Technical Information Service within the Department of Commerce. “Using the identity of a deceased individual is particularly egregious and can leave a permanent mark on their life’s legacy. More frequent checks on the records systems would ensure that we can stave off potentially catastrophic incidences of identity theft.” The Committee released the bill by a unanimous vote. The bill now awaits further action in the full General Assembly.

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