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DeAngelo Calls on NJ Attorney General, BPU to Voice Opposition to FCC Rules Rolling Back Net Neutral

Telecommunications Chairman Also Introduces Resolution to Maintain Net Neutrality

In a letter to state Attorney General Christopher Porrino and Board of Public Utilities Chairman Rick Mroz, Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Hamilton), chairman of the Assembly Telecommunications & Utilities Committee, today urged the officials to expeditiously weigh in to oppose the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposal that would roll-back net neutrality policies. DeAngelo said that the pending FCC order that will be heard by the Commission on Wednesday, December 13, 2017, would take away the freedom of online users and hurt the state's small businesses that rely on e-commerce and marketing. "Many small businesses rely upon e-commerce to not only receive customer orders but also to promote themselves through popular social media services. These core functions that make small businesses profitable would be endangered or blocked completely. Our state can ill-afford sitting silently by when any federal action could jeopardize the financial viability or growth of small businesses that are the backbone of our economy. "Millions of New Jerseyans rely upon open Internet access on a daily, even minute-by-minute, basis to carry out their daily work or personal tasks. Access should not be left up to corporations that would gain financially by charging additional fees for even the most basic, most popular web-based services. "I urge your intervention and strong opposition to any action by the FCC to impeding net neutrality. It is a dire matter that requires your urgent attention." DeAngelo introduced Assembly Resolution (AR-304) urging the FCC to oppose elimination of net neutrality regulations and expressing support of the Commissions 2015 order entitled "In the Matter of Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet." A copy of the letter from DeAngelo to Porrino and Mroz can be viewed here.

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